Property & Casualty Experts

Pinnacle Brokers was founded on the concepts of knowledge and service. Our responsibility is not simply placing insurance policies; our job is to thoroughly understand each client’s business so that we become trusted advisors. We  deliver outstanding personal service and support to business owners who are far too often being pushed into a self-service environment. Beyond the insurance transaction, we are your trusted business advisors and consultants. 


Life is truly unpredictable. No matter how cautious you are, things happen when you least expect it– from lawsuits to accidents to catastrophic weather. Our years of experience allow us to quickly identify your exposures and create a specific plan for your unique risks. Our research will help you to discover the best insurance solutions to protect your property.

Handle Your Expenses
Managing your finances is very important. That’s why we make it a point to look for the most appropriate places to both spend and save your premium dollar.

Create a Custom Program
We determine the strategy for you by reviewing your risk management needs and leveraging industry knowledge and benchmark information. The result is a one-of-a-kind program that’s focused on your goals and culture.

Take Care of Important Details
We’re here to ensure that your business risks are covered with your chosen program. That’s why we keep track of the latest trends in laws and regulations while staying updated with what’s happening in your business. We keep you informed on the issues affecting your business.

Control the Claims Process
Worried about a claim? We’ll handle that for you, and guide you through the issues. We give you the advice you need during the settlement process to ensure everything runs as smoothly
as possible.

Industry Experience

  • Transportation
  • Commercial Risk
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Wholesale


Commercial business operations are exposed to liabilities to third parties just by opening their doors. Add selling a product, driving on company business, or providing a service and these exposures are quickly multiplied. Using our experience and broad range of knowledge about our customers and the insurance marketplace, we work closely with our clients to identify these exposures and design the appropriate coverages.

Certificates of Insurance
Contractors, Real Estate Managers, Health Care organizations and many other business operations require Certificates of Insurance to perform their jobs and get paid. We understand how critical these documents are to our clients. Our Certificates of Insurance are issued locally by a team  that understands how important it is to have these documents issued timely, accurately and sent to the proper holders and government agencies to ensure that our clients have ready access to job sites, which helps keep their revenue streams flowing.


Workers' Compensation is one of the largest costs faced by our clients. Keeping these costs under control requires attention to a number of details like payroll, classifications, reporting and safety. To help our clients stay on top of these critical issues, Pinnacle Brokers employs Workers' Compensation specialists who create customized programs and processes to help support our clients.

Workers' Compensation Services

  • Audit Review
  • Claims Monitoring/Reviews
  • Experience Mod Projection
  • Unit Stat Review
  • Customized Safety Program Development
  • Experience Mod Reduction Strategy


The Board of directors, senior management and the company itself need to be protected from potential litigation that may arise due to their management decisions. This protection is referred to as Management Liability and generally consists of the following types of insurance coverage:

Officers & Directors Liability
Protecting the financial assets of the individuals as well as the company itself. Whether this litigation arises from employees, shareholders, customers, vendors or government oversight, these critical policies provide support and funding at the most critical times.

Crime Coverage
Covers theft of equipment, inventory, drugs and other business property. Coverage can also include the theft of money and other valuables from the health care organization or the patients of health care organization.

Employment Practices Liability
Protects the company for alleged violation of discrimination and harassment statutes, which is the most common type of management liability claim small to medium sized employers will face.

Fiduciary Liability
Under ERISA, any individual involved in the process of selecting or transferring 401k funds is personally liable for these activities. Fiduciary liability policies protect these individuals as well as the insured organization against allegations of wrongdoing in the creation and administration of these plans.

Kidnap & Ransom
Addresses the related expertise and expenses to negotiation, rescue, ransom and other support needed during an event that can be very emotional and debilitating for an organization.


We take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and integrity. Putting our client’s interests first is the cornerstone of our company. It’s a philosophy we live on a daily basis and we back it up with the awarding of a quarterly “ServantHood” award to the Pinnacle employee that demonstrates their commitment to putting others first.

We go hand in hand to help figure out our clients' risks, and through contract review, loss prevention/control programs and our ongoing consultative approach, a comprehensive risk financing program is put in place.